About Us
About Us

SpeedRentals is a family Company which operates in Analipsi Hersonisos Crete since 1991. Until today SpeedReantals holds First Place in local car rentals, offering the most Competitive Prices of the market, Premium Quality Services, very High Insurance Policy and Flexible Rental Terms (you can even split the rental days).

Our First Priority is your Safety and Pleasure.

You can choose from a Variety of Car models suitable for you, maybe a Cabrio or Jeep to satisfy your personal needs, or a Mini bus for your Family and Friends.

For any Car you choose, we have Service Points all over Heraklion Crete, so we can deliver it to Port, Airport or to your Accomodation.

Find the Car that suit your needs from our Fleet and have it delivered straight to your door. Providing you with 24 hours Airport Service, you are able to receive the Car right after Arrival and deliver it before your Departure. In each one of Our Offices there is a member of the Family and Company Employees with big experience as well as our good intentions and ready willing to serve you and make things easy for you, giving you all the answers you need about travel on Crete. You can ask us for any detail of car rental, daily offers as well as about the places in Crete you want to visit and make a plan for safe and comfortable trip.

With Us you do not have to worry about anything for your travel.

Our company will assist your every need from the time that you arrive in Crete, providing and deliver the Car you choose at the place you want, as well as protecting you during your trip.

With Full Insurance and Our "SpeedRentals 24/7 RoadSide Assistance" you can be sure that you will continue your travel even if (in any chance) a car is immobilized with immediate replacement.

So we can Promise you a Safe and Pleasant trip 100% risk free.